Like little children

So how do I maintain this lifestyle and not feel sad about what I’m doing without? Isn’t the answer to be like children? They have the natural wonderment of seeing the world as always new.
I’m thinking about this as we sit around the hibachi table. The chef flips the shrimp in the air, lights the onion volcano on fire, sprays water in the kids mouths (I pass on the saki spray in my mouth). Another family’s kids sitting accross from me smile and whisper jokes in each other’s ears and point at me. I look to my right at my two kids. They are the same; living the natural high and when life isn’t so great they deal with it. They don’t ask me for beer or wine in order to prentend to be grown up. They’re convinced at this age that they don’t need it.
I’ll maintain by staying grounded, staying serious but also will not forget a good coping mechanism is to act like a little kid.
“Got it dumb ass?”
“Got it.”


3 thoughts on “Like little children

  1. Yeah and don’t forget as time goes on you won’t always feel like you’re missing out. Sometimes now I feel like it’s the boozers who are missing out, not me. Happy New Year! xxx

  2. There are so, so many ‘secrets’ about how to live without alcohol. Some surprised me, some annoyed me (God, is it really THAT OBVIOUS??) and some delighted me. They all helped ….

    Great job on your @3 months of recovery! How are you doing this weekend?

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