The Sober Bowl

The Sober Bowl

After I successfully made it through the Holiday Season last year, I said to myself, “what’s next?” Do I continue counting days and months? Is that all there is left? Then I realized the Super Bowl was not far away.

We decided to stay home that day. I don’t remember why. It wasn’t because of me. I guess we were ready for a low key weekend. I was happy enough to make the small party. I bought some food to grill, some veggies and dip, soda, seltzer, iced tea, coke and smokes. But my favorite item of the day was the six pack.

The supermarket six pack of cupcakes with two sets of three, colored like colors of the team’s uniforms. Some had plastic championship rings and others cupcakes had football shaped rings.
I watched the game on my big screen t.v., alert and mostly happy. The kids stayed with me a little, left and came back. The wife sat for a while. Sometimes I sat there by myself. That’s when I reflected on my Sober Bowl. I was going to make it through the Super Bowl ok. Nothing missed, except I realized that I wasn’t moving. I wasn’t swaying. The room was still. Nothing moved. In the days when I drank, days just like today, everything was in constant motion and I was buzzed riding the waves in the ocean of my buzzed reality.

The game ended. We came upstairs. As we cleaned the plates (of course I cleaned plates! I wasn’t passed out you know!), I washed a few of the cheap super bowl rings. I saved them to remember my first Sober Bowl. That’s what winners do.


One thought on “The Sober Bowl

  1. Nice. And we are all sober winners (that’s a bit naff sounding but you know what I mean).. Not in a Charlie Sheen ‘WINNING!!’ kind of a way.. but in a really brave, strong, and amazing, winking at each other quietly thinking kind of way. I’ll raise a nice lemon, ginger and honey cordial to you. xxxx

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