A year to remember!

365 days ago, I took my last drink. In a little over an hour from now, I will have been like this for a year.
If you are considering quitting drinking, any day is good. But October is as good as any other time. The holidays, milestones and regular days are placed for you to have a challenging and meaningful first four months.
After a few weeks or sobriety, by Halloween you’ll be dying to be covered in costume. Then Thanksgiving. Remember all the wine that you used to have at Thanksgiving? Everyone else does too. Christmas coziness and cheer help soothe the awkward former drinker. Snow. If you can survive New Year’s, you’ll feel like a million dollars. Super Bowl, Easter, Memorial Day, Summer. For this entire year, everything that happened was for the first time. Vacation. Labor Day, Back to School. All for the first time sober.

The last occasion in my amazing year was to celebrate another special anniversary. I spent it with someone that never gave me an ultimatum (that lasted more than a few hours, lol). Watched me come and go. Let me buy tons of beer, wine and liquor and keep it around…to consume. She was my part time partner in indulgence. And surprisingly, has become my partner in not indulging and to still try to have fun. I wrote in our Wedding Anniversary card:

Dear Wife,
Thank you for staying with me all these years. This year is extra special. I get to fall in love with you all over again.
Happy Anniversary!


6 thoughts on “A year to remember!

  1. What a beautiful post…and congratulations on a year!!

    It’s amazing how many “firsts” we go through, and then come out on the other side of it and say, “wow – that wasn’t as bad as I thought”. I am so very happy for you and your bride there. What a wonderful way to start the fall season…starting yet another year sober, happy and present.


    • Thanks Paul, Simple words of encouragement were so powerful and helped me soldier on. I don’t get to spend as much time as i would like in the blog world. I only hope that the little time I spend helps someone else, like you and your peeps helped me.

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